This Company Generated 65% New Customers and a 30% Increase in Conversion Rate with Diversified Shopping Campaigns

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This is how StarterPPC helped to simplify this client’s Google Ads campaigns, which catalyzed growth and ultimately allowed them to achieve remarkable results in just 6 months.

This company is a brick and mortar + eCommerce store that sells indoor and outdoor decorative products. They offer a wide variety of products, including bird feeders and houses, garden art and sculptures, metal art, nature-themed gifts, and home décor.

With a mission to help people connect with nature and create beautiful outdoor spaces, they are committed to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. This company is a great resource for people who are looking for unique, nature-inspired products.

KPI Metrics:

  • Date Range: September 23, 2022–March 15 2023

  • Ad Spend: $33,341 total ($5,556 monthly avg.)

  • Average Cost Per Lead (CPL): $15

  • Average Order Value (AOV): $54

  • Total Google Ads Attributed Revenue: $119,615

This graph gives a high-level view of the clients’ time with StarterPPC as well as before. It shows the cost (red line) and conversion value (blue line):

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During their time with StarterPPC: the amount of conversions increased by 359%, the conversion value increased by 118%, and the cost per conversion dropped by 26%, while the return-on-ad-spend only decreased by 25%. This means more bottom line profit.

This screenshot compares the time period of StarterPPC ads management compared to the previous time period:

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The Challenge

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The client needed help managing and diversifying their Google Ads Shopping campaigns beyond Standard Shopping campaigns.

  • Previously, the client had been working with an agency that only managed Standard Shopping campaigns.

  • They needed to diversify their campaigns and explore other campaign types, such as Performance Max, but they did not have the time to manage the campaigns on their own.

  • They were looking for a team to provide expertise and dedicate the time necessary to manage their campaigns efficiently. 

The Solution

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StarterPPC met the needs of the client by scaling their Shopping campaigns’ profitability through diversification. To do this, they: 

  • Fixed the technical issues in the client's product feed. Previously, all products were shown twice in Shopping ads, splitting the conversion data into two SKUs. This was remedied to identify patterns more easily and quickly.

  • Created two Performance Max campaigns: one focused on bird feeder cylinders (the client's star product) and one focused on the remaining products, along with YouTube outbound videos and dynamic remarketing.

  • Added a Brand campaign to protect the brand name from competitors and help the algorithm's ability to track more accurately.

The Results

The client started with a monthly ad budget of $2,500 and quickly increased it to over $5,000 due to good performance. 

After partnering with StarterPPC, the company scaled their business in just six months. 

They utilized StarterPPC as a “starting ground,” which helped them to increase their ad budget steadily. This allowed them to eventually transition to become a Solutions 8 client and grow the business to a new level.

The client sent us a positive message during our time with him: